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Illuminata is a Seattle-based education and information services company, providing services and resources in the areas of human subjects research, ethics, and genetics.  We support IRB professionals, research teams and others through identifying their information and education requirements and developing tailored products and services to meet their needs.
Sharon J Durfy, Ph.D., President
Dr. Durfy has been engaged in human subjects research and research review for many years, as a researcher, educator and Institutional Review Board (IRB) Chair and member.  Her research has included molecular biology laboratory research, research on ethical issues associated with genetic testing, and social science and behavioral research on ethical, social and counseling issues associated with testing for inherited susceptibility to breast cancer.  Since 1989 she has been extensively involved in education in genetics, genetic research, genetics ethics and research ethics for audiences as diverse as academicians, primary care physicians and high school students.  In addition, she developed, as Principal Investigator, an NIH-funded, intensive training course in research ethics for IRB members, administrators and researchers. She has served as a consultant to numerous regional, national and international committees and organizations. She currently serves on an IRB as an unaffiliated member and has served a diversity of IRBs in the past, including Chairing a combined biomedical-behavioral IRB at the University of Washington. For several years prior to founding Illuminata, Inc., she was a faculty member with the Department of Medical History and Ethics, University of Washington, Seattle.

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